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Chara braunii C.C.Gmelin 1826

Publication details
Chara braunii C.C.Gmelin 1826: 646

Published in: Gmelin, C.C. (1826). Flora Badensis, Alsatica et confinium regionum cis et transrhenana plantas a lacu Bodamico usque ad confluentem Mosellae et Rheni sponte nascentes: exhibens secundum systema sexuale cum iconibus ad naturam dileneatis. Vol. 4. Carlsruhae: In Officina Aul. Mülleriana.
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Type species
The type species (lectotype) of the genus Chara is Chara vulgaris Linnaeus.

Status of name
This name is of an entity that is currently accepted taxonomically.

Type information
Neotype locality: "Prope Oldenico" [Piedmont, Italy] (Wood & Imahori 1965: 262). Neotype: Malinverni; aestate 1856; NY 00945633 (Arbeitsgruppe Armleuchteralgen Deutschland 2015: 253).

Infrageneric classification
Subgenus Charopsis Section Charopsis

Origin of species name
Noun (Latin), named for a person with the surname Braun; generally, for algae, Alexander Karl Heinrich Braun (1805-1877).

Homotypic Synonym(s)
Charopsis braunii (C.C.Gmelin) Kützing 1843
Nitella braunii (C.C.Gmelin) Rabenhorst 1846
Chara coronata var. braunii (C.C.Gmelin) A.Braun 1849
Chara braunii var. braunii J.S.Zaneveld 1940
Chara braunii f. braunii (Gmelin) R.D.Wood 1962

Heterotypic Synonym(s)
Chara songarica F.J.Ruprecht
Chara flexilis Amici 1823
Chara cortiana Bertoloni ex Amici 1827
Chara coronata Ziz ex Bischoff 1828
Chara jahnensis F.Meyen 1835
Chara stalii G.Meneghini 1846
Chara coronata var. soleirolii A.Braun 1849
Chara coronata f. cortiana (Bertoloni ex Amici) H. von Leonhardi 1863
Chara coronata var. stalii (Meneghini) A.Braun 1868
Chara coronata f. stalii (Meneghini) A.Braun 1882
Chara coronata f. songarica (Ruprecht) A.Braun 1882
Chara braunii var. stalii (Meneghini) A.Beguinot & L.Formiggini 1907
Chara braunii var. soleirolii (A.Braun) A.Beguinot & L.Formiggini 1907
Chara braunii f. transcaspica J.Vilhelm 1928
Chara coronata f. albocingulata N.Filarszky 1932
Chara coronata var. kamtschadalis O.J.Hasslow 1939
Chara braunii var. [braunii] f. sumatrensis J.S.Zaneveld 1940
Chara braunii f. colombiana L.E.Mora-Osejo 1977

Nomenclatural notes
temp. (INA). - (30 Jun 2015) - G.M. Guiry

General environment
This is a freshwater species.

Common names

(as Chara braunii C.C.Gmelin)
English: Braun's Stonewort (Stewart & Church 1992).

Norwegian: Barkløs småkrans (Langangen 2021).

Swedish: Barklös sträfse (Tolstoy & Österlund 2003).

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Detailed conservation status with sources
(as Chara braunii C.C.Gmelin)
Data Deficient: (Stewart & Church 1992), (Vulnerable: (Langangen 2021)

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