167,270 species and infraspecific names are in the database, 22,925 images, 64,745 bibliographic items, 505,765 distributional records.



Michael Guiry (right) is the Founder and Director of the AlgaeBase project. He is a graduate of University College Cork and the University of London, and has carried out research at the University of Portsmouth in England, the University of Melbourne in Australia, and St Francis Xavier University in Canada. He has published over 260 books and papers on various aspects of seaweeds, freshwater and terrestrial algae. His professional interests are in algal databasing, taxonomy and systematics, and in the sustainable use of seaweed resources worldwide. He was the recipient of the 2010 Award of Excellence of the Phycological Society of America for his contributions to algal research and communication. 
Wendy Guiry (left) is the principal collaborator on the AlgaeBase project. A graduate of University College, Cork, she has taught in London, and worked as a translator/abstractor for Information Retrieval Ltd. Wendy has been a Research Assistant at NUI, Galway since 1979, and has worked on the AlgaeBase project since 2000. (Photo: courtesy of M.J. Wynne)

 Major contributors

(Top Left to Right) Salvador Valenzuela Miranda, David Garbary, Anders Langangen, Paul Gabrielson, John West.
(Bottom Left to Right) Craig Schneider, Michael Wynne, Chris Carter, Ignacio Bárbara, Robert Lavigne

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